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Bridge Command General Support / Re: Ship console config 5.4
« Last post by funscanadian on November 29, 2019, 01:37:43 AM »
Hi, Mr. Packer has a nice little tool for Joystick inputs to edit the INI file for VR Insight console. I have it on a Facebook page in the download section. If you email him he can probably send it to you or you can download it from Ship Simulation in a Sea Cadet Environment Facebook Page.
Environment models / Another source for heightmap pictures to get create world models
« Last post by bona on November 17, 2019, 10:53:10 PM »
Hi everybody,

so far I did not manage to create a real world model for Bridge Command. But I understand that a heightmap file is required.
I found a service on GitHub where you can get heightmaps from the entire world:

On Github there are also some Python libraries that allow to get the areas by script. I tested it by taking a screenshot from the web browser output for some islands. I was able to visualize it in a GIS renderer called "Geomorph" (Freeware). The results look quite promising.

I thought I should share this here.    (What is the English translation of  "Klugscheißer"  ;D)

Best regards
Models / Need advise to get own ship model into BC
« Last post by bona on November 17, 2019, 10:29:12 PM »
Hello everybody,

I am new to this forum.
Thanks for creating this great simulator and sharing it.  :)

I played with it a little bit and want to use it for radar practice.

What I was missing so far is a model of a sailyacht as own ship. So I designed one using a CAD system. From there I can export VRML2 or STL and import it into Blender. First I started to design a model in 1:100 scale ... which looks tiny in Blender software. So I scaled it in the CAD system. But then the output of the VRML is huge. 50 MB instead of 4 MB. I know that huge models will be a problem for BC rendering engine ... so they are for Blender. So I try to keep the model small.

Maybe someone can give me recommendations on the following questions:

1 - I cut off the underwater geometry of my model. Do I need this for simulation?
2 - What is the best strategy to create own models? Create a small one and scale in boat.ini of BC or design real scale first?
3 - Any suggestions to easy add colours and textures to the model. (mostly I am using Linux ... I have Blender installed ... which is not easy to learn).
4 - From what file I can convert the model into the DirectX models that are used by Bridge Command. I've read that there Plug-Ins for Blender available. Is there any other way?

Thanks in advance!!!

Bridge Command General Support / Ship console config 5.4
« Last post by markmcfdyn on November 07, 2019, 11:10:30 PM »
I am using the VRinsight ship console, but I can't obtain functionality with Bridge Command.
After much trial & error, and editing the %appdata%/Bridge Command/5.0/bc5.ini, I can access the rudder control but not the throttles (still only activated by the keyboard). The Win 10 64 bit OS can see & calibrate the console, but not Bridge Command.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

Models / Azimuth drives - own ship
« Last post by elir71 on August 11, 2019, 12:36:44 PM »
I'm experimenting with this at the moment.  It will involve a fair amount of code rewrite but should be useable as a data structure for more flexibility of control surfaces
General Discussion / Re: Instrumentation Options
« Last post by vpelss on May 28, 2019, 01:36:02 AM »
This is a quick modification to the NEMA.CPP code to bypass my program and adds the NEMA.txt output and an HTTP server also:

It has been tested on Windows and Linux, but not a MAC.

General Discussion / Instrumentation Options
« Last post by vpelss on May 09, 2019, 02:51:22 PM »
Instrumentation Options:

For those interested in an alternative instrumentation option for the bridgecommand NEMA output I have done the following:

I have a program that converts the UDP NEMA output from bridgecommand and turns it into both an update NEMA.txt file and an http (port 8080) output.

This output can be used in an HTML / Javascript page to display your NEMA output.

The benefits are:
-easy to modify
-cross platform (can use on a tablet or phone)
-easily resized as browser is resized (if so designed)

A demo can be seen here (click on DEMO to start):
Bug reports / nema ip set to other than localhost
« Last post by vpelss on April 22, 2019, 03:21:57 PM »
When nema ip set to other than localhost (another IP on the same subnet) , Bridgecommand-bc performance is reduced, takes seconds to respond, etc...

After some thought, I realized that the server IP can not be anything but the server IP, unless you had multiple NIC cards.

So I guess this is not really a bug report but maybe a suggestion to make that setting dummy proof against someone like me who might set it to an IP that will choke bridgecommand-bc

There are a few issues here, which I'm trying to resolve:

Bridge Command is set up for 32 bit compilation only for Windows, but VS2017 defaults to the x64 configuration, which isn't set up. This gives the errors about finding irrlicht.h
I will manually remove the x64 configurations from the Visual Studio files, which should fix this.

Separately, I had hardcoded paths to items in the Windows SDK, which I am trying to resolve, but is non-trivial (different windows SDK versions put things in different places). I'll push the updates when complete.
Feature requests & suggestions / Re: AIS input and Google Earth?
« Last post by elir71 on April 05, 2019, 03:50:53 PM »
I wrote some experimental code to create AIS signals for ships ... which could be used as other ships, so that they would be visible to openCPN chart plotter.  The AIS transmissions use a 6 bit format. The code was very very bodgy and I am certain it could be done more elegantly. I will try to dig it out and post it
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