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Author Topic: Sharp turn speed reduction update  (Read 10361 times)

June 14, 2014, 12:05:42 PM
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I managed to add ship speed reduction during sharper turning in ship dynamics of BC4.5 version.
Now I need to test this more extensively to see how its behave and what reflection it have on other dynamics. So far it looks good, but who knows what i messed up during a process.

June 18, 2014, 03:17:50 PM
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Very interesting. If you would be happy, I can try and integrate your changes for the next release. If you would like this, could you email me a copy of your file and any other changes (or a patch file including the differences from the release version) to

June 21, 2014, 10:37:21 AM
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Mail sent on ""

In rar file you will find "" code and "ABOUT PATCH.txt" with description of changes.
I did not upload you a patch because my AVAST antivirus constantly checking it and eventualy
Gmail stated that that he will not let me to send attacment because possible virus.
I dont know why i only complied a exe trough IDEal and when i checked entire RAR file with AVAST
he reported me that everything is OK. Wierd!?

In any case i can upload it somewhere on the file hosting site, or i can post entire description with changed codes here on forum so you can make your own exe with Blitz.

Some short test results with current patch:
The test ship Protis have this performance during various rudder setting( in general ).

Full speed ahead:

Rudder 0   deg = 29.9 kt
Rudder 10 deg = 25.5 kt
Rudder 15 deg = 23.2 kt
Rudder 20 deg = 19.3 kt
Rudder 25 deg = 11.2 kt
Rudder 30 deg = 11.2 kt

Full speed Astern = 11.7 kt

Currently I did not ad 30 deg rudder speed reduction and I need to "fine tune" this. By my opinion rudder set on 30 should have max 11-15 kts speed and 25 deg should have higher speed than current 11.2 knots. But this is just provisory testing numbers, in future this could easily be changed to more appropriate numbers.

Ship dont lose speed during turns when she goes backwards (astern).

I hope you will have good use of those.