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A few general questions


First of all it looks great your simulator.
I m a belgian man, newbie in developing scenary/worlds. Since long time i 'm looking for a simulator where i can build my own scenary eg Benelux (belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg) or canal du midi in southern France. At low costs.

Questions :
1 can we create animated locks on rivers (closing doors, lift water,...)
2 how big can one terrain been
3 can we create some white water river
4 can we adapt menu's for screen and so on
5 where can i find manuals to get this things done
6 is it possible to exchange scenaries between users

Thanks for your time
Kind regards,

Hi Robby,

I'm from the Netherlands

1 - ?
2 - As big as you wish, to big you reduce speed. You have to ask yourself how much time will take a scenario.
3 - ?
4 - Yes, but takes some effort
5 -
6 - Of course we can

Best regards,


Thank you for your answers. I think i go leave bridge command because it is not what i 'm searching for.

Kind regards,


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