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First, I'm new here, it is a great simulator.

I have a lot of data of the Netherlands
- File with all Buoys and signs in the waterways, upcomming weeks I start creating the file for the simulator
- Is there a limit in number of Buoys in the buoy.ini-file? (There will be about 16.000)--> It is working wit 18.432 buoys
- Is there a limit in number of Lights in the light.ini-file? (There will be about 25.000)
- I have a lot of depth and sonardata (Over 5000 km) how to translate these files to usable depth files in the simulator?
- I have about 1 Million of 360 pictures, taken every 4 meter, is it possible to use them to build a world?

It took some more time then expected, but the first version of the ini file of the Dutch buoys is there.

One of the next steps will be drawing them. For now I renamed the buoys from Bridge Commander.

Another step will be the lights on the buoys.

I'm searching how to get here some images of the world I created with BC

You should now see an option to attach an image.

First preview. Environment build with Sketchup


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