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Author Topic: Need advise to get own ship model into BC  (Read 8252 times)

November 17, 2019, 10:29:12 PM
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Hello everybody,

I am new to this forum.
Thanks for creating this great simulator and sharing it.  :)

I played with it a little bit and want to use it for radar practice.

What I was missing so far is a model of a sailyacht as own ship. So I designed one using a CAD system. From there I can export VRML2 or STL and import it into Blender. First I started to design a model in 1:100 scale ... which looks tiny in Blender software. So I scaled it in the CAD system. But then the output of the VRML is huge. 50 MB instead of 4 MB. I know that huge models will be a problem for BC rendering engine ... so they are for Blender. So I try to keep the model small.

Maybe someone can give me recommendations on the following questions:

1 - I cut off the underwater geometry of my model. Do I need this for simulation?
2 - What is the best strategy to create own models? Create a small one and scale in boat.ini of BC or design real scale first?
3 - Any suggestions to easy add colours and textures to the model. (mostly I am using Linux ... I have Blender installed ... which is not easy to learn).
4 - From what file I can convert the model into the DirectX models that are used by Bridge Command. I've read that there Plug-Ins for Blender available. Is there any other way?

Thanks in advance!!!