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Author Topic: Questions about editing BC4.  (Read 5358 times)

June 10, 2014, 11:50:19 PM
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First i want to say that Bridge Command is exceptional simulator and my hat down goes to the author and contributors of this program. BC have good chance to evolve in best ship simulator available to common users. Like radar sim he already surpassed commercial games like VS7, VSF and SS Extremes in that field, and radar operation is what I like the most.
Relative simplicity of importing ships and sceneries fro VS7 is one more good trait of this sim.

Unfortunately I have some issues with coded parts of BC4. Most specific of those are that:

BC4 dont have damage modeling, not visual damage(who cares about visuals), but damage like hull integrity precentage or similar.

Sinking is not simulated and when collision occurs ship models just pass trough each other (very annoying ) althoug he have "Mission Failed" message, which is OK.

When you run aground you dont get any penalty for doing that.

Bow thrusters are nonexistent and ship dynamic behavior  like loss of speed during sharp turn is not simulated. Yeah I know that this is now neat pickings ;D

Is there any "easier" way to change at least some of those points named above?
I edited source file "" with "UltraEDIT" program but this is just "source code" and BC dont use any data from this file during play so editing this is aint going to help. :-\
I tried to counter collision event (bypassing ships and nonexistent damage)  by doing that when collision occurs that mission ends. Like "YOU ARE COLLIDED WITH ANOTHER VESSEL" please press "ENTER" to exit the game. MISSION FAILED!

Please take my apologies if I bugged you to much. This is just a sort of "constructive criticism" and it would be good if there is any way to correct that or if we will see some of this features added to BC4 in near future. If not, BC4 already is a good sim just as it is now.


June 11, 2014, 04:17:59 AM
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OK one part I figured out how itīs done. Apparently  I didnt saw that the Bridge Command 4.6 was coded in C++ "Irrlicht engine" so when i try to make exe with IDEal program constantly reported numerous errors.  when i opened BC4.5 with IDEal, the program made exe without any troubles.
So i managed to implement "MISSION FAILED! Press ENTER to exit simulator" when ownship expirience
collision or grounding. Now when  i could implement damage and sinking hmmm!?

Examples below
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June 18, 2014, 03:16:01 PM
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Thank you very much for your comments. The current 4.6 version is actually also coded in Blitz3D, so you should be able to edit it in IDEal and B3D.

You may need to copy the .decls files from the Bridge Command 'userlibs' folder into the Blitz3D userlibs folder to be able to compile the latest version, as I am now using more of the standard Windows API (for example for file open/save dialogs). What errors were you getting when you were trying to compile version 4.6?

In any case, if you would be happy, I would be interested to see your changes, and try and integrate them for the next release. If you would like this, could you email me a copy of your file and any other changes to

June 21, 2014, 10:48:07 AM
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Mail sent!

Thanks for the input, I will see what i messed up with version 4.6 and will report results.
My objective is also to expand additions on newest version possible.

If you find any use of those changes feel free to add them in your next release.


June 21, 2014, 11:12:01 AM
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OK I tested version 4.6 with IDEal. I added speed reduction code on hurry and it works just fine.

Thanks for help!