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Author Topic: Autopilot feature  (Read 511 times)

December 03, 2018, 08:32:57 AM
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BridgeControl looks great.

I am in the need of an autopilot feature - basically just a way to handle incoming bearing and thrust. I have an NMEA output from a control scenario that I can pipe out to ethernet. Basically I would like to use BridgeControl to simulate some track / waypoint behavior.

So - does this seem feasible?
1. Adding the capability to handle NMEA inputs to NMEA.cpp (we need to add the listening capability to handle the incoming data)
2. Create a simple PI(D) loop that performs the turn and has the current bearing as feedback - it seems to me like I need to put the autopilot into OwnShip to get periodic recalculations.
3. I might need a PI(D) loop for the thrust control as well

I have been looking through the code, but I still don't have a complete picture of how everything is put together.