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Title: multiple config files
Post by: hhandresen on August 25, 2021, 07:23:33 PM

I'm about to build a complete bridge based on bridge command.
I got 5 55" monitors for 180 degree view in front, and some monitors for aft. view.
I will also have dedicated monitors for radar, heading, and rudder indicator.

I will also have real Furuno ecdis system on the bridge.

I really appreciate this software !!! But have some suggestions to fit my setup.

I got one pc running 4 monitors and one running 3 monitors.

I would like to:

1) Have multiple config files (It's okay to edit by hand and not via gui) and start bc with argument to point at config file - etc. ./bridgecommand.exe -c monitor1.conf 
2) Start bc at the right monitor, etc monitor=3 as entry in config file for windows monitor number 3
3) Start as a slave monitor.
4) Start with instruments hidden.
5) Start with radar in full screen.
6) Start as rudder or heading indicator.
7) Have keyboard shortcuts/joystick to control radar. (For use with external panel) Zoom +/-, Gain +/-, Rain +/-, Sea +/-, Arpa on/off etc.
8) I noticed that nmea is running quite slow and position drops  out on ecdis now, I tried both real comport and via network. (Position needs one time pr. sec.)
9) Wind data on NMEA could be really nice also.

As I build the bridge I might have more suggestions - But I think this is for now  :P :P

Once again - what a great software.
Title: Re: multiple config files
Post by: Guido on September 19, 2021, 01:33:56 PM
I like your setup and intend to build a similar one.
Title: Re: multiple config files
Post by: forum_admin on September 21, 2021, 11:10:19 PM
Hi, thanks for the suggestions, they all look useful. I assume you are setting things up so you can start up the multi-screen simulator automatically?

So far I have done 1, 3, 4 & 5, and these are included in

I'll continue to have a look at the rest.

Some questions:
I think 6 is for the 'repeater' program?
For 7, I'll probably add joystick button mappings for these. I assume that would work for you?