Bridge Command 4.7

Command Line Options


If Bridge Command is started from the command line or a shortcut file, various command line options can be used. The general format is:

bc4.exe Scenario name /OPTIONS

Scenario name

This sets which scenario is initially selected when you start Bridge Command. This comes straight after bc4.exe (the name of the Bridge Command executable file), and is in a free text format, and should not be surrounded by quotation marks.


These set the starting mode of Bridge Command, and the settings files read. The options are:

Please note that Bridge Command will also read the file bc4.ini in %appdata%\Bridge Command\x.x\ (eg C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Bridge Command\4.7, and use this to override the 'scenario_dir' setting.


To start Bridge Command in networked mode, starting with scenario "g) Coast" selected, with "fullscreen.ini" as the settings file and "joystick2.ini" as the joystick settings file:

bc4.exe g) Coast /NETMAIN /INI="fullscreen.ini" /JOY="joystick2.ini"