Bridge Command - Scenario writer


The Scenario writer is provided to guide you through the process of writing a scenario. It automates the generation of the scenario files defined in the scenario specification

Using the scenario writer

The scenario writer allows you to define the initial position of your ship, and all other ships in the scenario, and plan the tracks for the 'other ship' models - These are the vessels in the scenario which have a fixed and pre-planned route, made up of one or more legs. This is the first generation of scenario writer to be provided with Bridge Command, and it provides only a simple text based interface. Therefore it is best to have a copy of the relevant chart for the sea area that you are using, from which you can read off the positions and tracks that you want to use.

The scenario writer is written to take you through the process of defining your scenario in steps. These are:

It is intended that in the future, a more interactive scenario planner will be made available, which will allow you to plan scenarios on a chart of the environment model used.