Bridge Command - Scenario Replay


If you have recorded an exercise with the map controller, you can replay it with the Replay programme.

This is also covered in the running interactive exercises tutorial.

Recording an exercise

To log an exercise, use the Map Controller and enter a log name when asked during the Map Controller's loading process. Please read the Map Controller documentation for details of how to use the Map Controller. Currently if you use Bridge Command without the Map Controller you cannot record an exercise.

Replaying an exercise

When you start the Replay programme, you will be asked to select the world model to load. This will be the same world model name as you chose in the Map Controller. When you have selected the world model, press enter to continue. You will then be asked for the name of the exercise you recorded. Please enter this name as you entered it in the Map Controller. In the Map Controller, if you entered a log name that already exists, the Map Controller will have added 'number_' to the front of the log name to avoid over-writing the original file. So if you log to RecordedExercise twice, the second one will be saved as 1_RecordedExercise.

After this, you will be asked to enter an IP address for Bridge Command if you want to replay in 3D. If you do not want to replay in 3D, leave this blank and press enter to continue. 3D replay is an additional option, which allows you to see the simulation replayed in full 3D. To do this, you will need another computer on the network on which you can run Bridge Command, or you can also run Bridge Command on the same computer, but this may be a little slow, depending on the speed of your computer. If you want to do this, start Bridge Command, and enter the IP address of the computer you've started it on. If this is the same computer, just enter (the local, loop back address). In Bridge Command, start the same scenario, and enter 'S' at the 'Map controller & secondary displays' screen to put it into slave mode.

For a tutorial introduction to this, please read through the running interactive exercises tutorial.

When you have entered the log name to replay, the replay will load. The Replay programme is controlled using the keyboard, largely with the arrow keys in combination with a second key, which is held down while the arrow keys are pressed. The key combinations used are:

Arrow keys on their ownMove the map view
Up/Down + AltZoom in/out
1Real time
2-6Increasing time compression (2x-60x)
EscExit the programme