Bridge Command - World Editor


The World Editor allows you to add buoys and lights on buoys to an existing world model with a graphical interface. The basic world model, of height map and associated files must already be defined, as described in The World File Specification.

The World Editor is currently in an experimental stage, and may move some already defined buoys by a few metres, due to numerical precision problems. Therefore, please keep a backup copy of all world models before editing them.

Running the World Editor

Start the world editor from the start menu item for the World Editor in the Bridge Command folder, or running the WorldEdit.exe program in the Bridge Command installation folder (normally C:\Program Files\Bridge Command X.X\). When the World Editor starts, it will ask you 'Which world model to load:'. Type in the name of the world model you want to edit, and press enter. This world model must already exist in the world model folder (Normally C:\Program Files\Bridge Command X.X\World). To learn how to create a base world model, which you can then add buoys to with the editor, please read The World File Specification.

Using the World Editor

The World Editor programme is controlled using the keyboard, largely with the arrow keys in combination with a second key, which is held down while the arrow keys are pressed. The key combinations used are:

Arrow keys on their ownMove the map view
Up/Down + AltZoom in/out
SpaceShow/Hide a range and bearing overlay grid
Up/Down + CtrlSelect a buoy type in the list on the right
EnterAdd a buoy at the screen centre of the currently selected type
PAdd a Port buoy at the screen centre
SAdd a Stbd buoy at the screen centre
ShiftDisplay information, including buoy ID for the buoys
LAdd a light to a buoy. You will be prompted for the buoy ID and further information
DelDelete a buoy. You will be prompted for the buoy ID